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Wonder what it would take to everest your favorite Strava segment?

Enter a Strava Segment URL to calculate the climb to 8,848 meters— the height of Mt. Everest.

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  • The segment URL I entered doesn't work. Help!

    Be sure you are entering the correct URL. It comes directly from the segment's leaderboard (KOM) page or segment overview page, not your activity page. It should look like this:

  • My result seems off, why?

    The calculator is only as accurate as the Strava segment entered, and segments are only as accurate as the recording device. Read more here.

  • How can I get a more accurate result?

    Most segments will return accurate results. If you know a segment is a steady climb or doesn't have any rises on the way back down, click "remove descent" to override any shown. If a segment shows descent gain, but you aren't sure (maybe you haven't ridden it), try entering a similar segment on the same climb to cross-check.

    To really fine tune the calculation, switch the input mode to "values". In value mode, you can enter a more precise number.

  • How does the rating system work?

    Laps, distance, time, and grade are compared against the standard deviation of the normal distribution curves of data calculated from The Everesting Hall of Fame. The further left or right on the curve, the higher the rating. This compares a calculation against a "typical" (if there is such a thing) everest.

  • What are the rules of Everesting?

    Visit to read more about the rules you should follow to complete an official everest.

  • I completed an Everest! Now what?

    Awesome! is not affiliated with or Hells 500. You must submit your data to them to enter the Everesting Hall of Fame. You can submit your ride directly to them, or through